Thursday, 21 June 2012

Challenge Number Five: Grow Something New (continued)

Look, my bean plant has beans growing on it! Broad beans, it turns out.

And I planted a load of tomato and cucumber seeds that my father-in-law had going spare. Some of them have turned into plants, which are now outside in our back yard getting rained on. The snails have made a beeline for the cucumbers though and I don’t think a single one has survived. (Of the cucumbers, not snails. There are still plenty of snails.)

I’m hopeful for at least a small crop of cherry tomatoes though.

And look, here’s a loaf of bread that wasn’t made in a breadmaker. (Loaf number 12.) Banana and chocolate bread. It’s called bread. It was made in a loaf tin. My book group enjoyed it. I think it counts.

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