Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Challenge Number Five: Grow Something New

My friend Beth phoned to ask if I could use a spare bean plant from her back yard improvement project. It seems as good a “something new” as any.

I haven’t grown vegetables since I was in the Brownies. The highlights of my vegetable patch back then were a row of wimpy lettuces that couldn’t thrive as my dad had allocated me a corner at the very bottom of our garden where the sun never shone, and a pumpkin that looked quite impressive until I turned it over and realised half of it had been eaten by slugs. My brother subsequently annihilated the patch by digging a giant hole, the reason for which I can’t quite recall, but it was probably something more scientific than merely trying to escape from the clutches of our family by burrowing to Australia. Anyway, eventually we buried our dead cat in the hole when he got hit by a bus so it came in useful in the end.

So back to the bean plant. Beth couldn’t remember if it was a broad bean or a runner bean plant. Maybe someone less novice than me will be able to tell from the photos, but I think it will be exciting just to wait and see. Either will be most welcome, should it thrive. Our back yard gets about as much sun as my childhood vegetable patch so I can’t hold my breath on this one. I’ve also had to cover the tub with an improvised cat deterrent, since our boys Ingo and Otto have a habit of using my flower tubs as litter trays.

After Easter, I may try and get some tomatoes under way as well...

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