Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Challenge Number Ten: Do “Something” For Charity

On March 17th, I volunteered for a day in the cafe at the NCT Bump And Baby Fair. I baked some orange and poppy seed muffins (which I assure you tasted better than my icing makes them look). I piled these and other cakes onto plates, priced them all at 75p and then completely failed to remember my 75 times table (the trick of being good at the numbers round in Countdown) when it came to adding up customers’ bills. I also forgot what people had ordered in the first place as soon as I turned away from the queue towards the hot water urns. "I'll have three teas, two coffees, two chocolate brownies and three slices of carrot cake, please." "So that's er, two teas, how many coffees, one muffin and a which cake?" I was spectacularly useless, and this only added to my fears that my brain will never recover from having a baby.

However, I’m not sure that the day really counts as doing “something” for charity since I was only there because I was selling piles of Charlotte’s old clothes and all sellers have to volunteer. And I made £82.55 on the day, which I get to keep. I’ll come up with something less mercenary as the year progresses. But this is just in case I don’t.

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  1. I think that's an impressive take. And you saved lots of people from starvation - that's a mitzvah.