Monday, 16 April 2012

Two Half Challenges: Part Two

Challenge Number 27: To visit both Clapham Junction stations
This challenge was also half-completed during our week in Dentdale. Technically, North Yorkshire’s Clapham Junction station no longer exists as it was on a branch line shut down by Dr Beeching, but Clapham station does, on the Leeds to Lancaster line.
I chose this challenge because I lived in Clapham SW4 for nearly two years during my time in London, renting a small room in a shared house (shared with a German who liked to practise home colonic irrigation and complain when I opened my bedroom drawers too loudly) for half my salary (before bills). I spent a further two and a half years in SW postcodes after that, with Clapham Junction station always a regular fixture in my commuting and weekend life.
North Yorkshire’s Clapham embodies everything I craved when living in the capital – fresh air, a babbling brook, beautiful scenery all around, great countryside walking, a quaint, peaceful village. And Clapham Junction embodies everything I miss about London now that I’ve moved away to North Yorkshire – excellent public transport, a 24-hour multi-ethnic buzz, and great bars, shops and restaurants just a short hop away.
Both Claphams exude wealth and class privilege. Both, as it turns out, have traditional London taxis.

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